6 Key Trends to Examine While Developing a Mobile Application

The world of mobile apps has shown amazing innovations over the years. From top-notch technologies like beacons, m-commerce, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, etc. to efficient gadgets like Apple Watch, Google Glass, and other wearables, the mobile era is still evolving all the time.

Today, a smart device is an essential tool and helps us to do almost everyday activities. This has certainly given rise to fierce competition in the mobile market, especially in the application marketplace. Every mobile developer has a deep knowledge of the latest mobile app development trends.

Application Security

Security in applications is a primary challenge for developers, which cannot be ignored. Over the years, we have seen several apps that resulted in major security breaches. In 2015, a huge amount of data was endangered by cyber attacks. It is estimated that only a quarter of mobile applications will pass the basic security test. App security risks can be exacerbated by several factors, including the ever-increasing number of mobile devices, and the rapid popularity of mobile wallets and IoT.

Enhancing beacons and other location-based services

Beacon technology has gained a lot of momentum. This technology has enabled websites and apps to capture a user's location and accordingly share personalized ads and messages to interact and attract potential customers. Today, not only beacons but also other location-based Wi-Fi services are becoming popular among users and enterprises. It is expected that this will help the retail sector to do billions of dollars in business by 2016.

Growing Digital Mobile Payments

The continuous increase in the number of digital mobile payment providers cannot be ignored. Google Wallet and Apple Pay are already trending in the market. Well developed among these services are mobile payments, which are already popular and will become more popular in the coming years. Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and other mobile payment apps are expected to be introduced this year. This trend marks the growth of secure and simple mobile payments and is certainly expected to continue in the future.

Wearables and IoT

Wearables have defined a new dimension for mobile technology. With the increasing craze for wearables, wearables like Apple Watch are likely to see more and more fitness tracking apps instead of device-specific fitness trackers. However, fitness applications are just one example: there are myriad applications such as productivity applications. The fashion and textile industries are also exploring technology to reap the benefits of wearable technology by integrating it into their products.

Coming to IoT (Internet-of-Things). IoT has already set a new paradigm for mobile app development, which will take it up a notch. Many statistics indicate that IoT will play a major role in the coming years.

• By 2020 we will have billions of things and people connected.
• The global IoT market is expected to grow by over 30% by the year 2019.
• IoT products and their suppliers will generate huge revenue.
With these points in mind, more advanced mobile applications can be developed, while allowing users to access apps from different systems. Many enterprises have already integrated IoT, and it is stated that they will focus more on private cloud networks and sensor systems in the future, not just limited to wearables and mobile devices.

A boom in cloud computing

Cloud computing can offer truckloads of features like reliability, scalability, better data storage, powerful processing capacity, and more. It can also provide a massive development platform that can benefit developers, and enhance app development by revealing the development process and allowing easy implementation of cloud technology in applications. We already have many cloud-powered applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. More such applications are expected.

Enterprise Applications

Among various app categories, enterprise application development is preferred by developers for their monetary benefits. Today, a significant number of developers around the world are developing enterprise applications and more than 40 percent of them are generating substantial profits.

Moreover, it is observed that the opportunities for app developers to work for the enterprise are increasing and will continue to grow. This is because more and more enterprises are considering mobile platforms to either leverage their services and products, or boost their productivity, and ultimately benefit their business by targeting the vast majority of mobile users. Thus, enterprise applications will certainly develop further and offer a great deal of business to developers.

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