How to use THE-DS? A new age Immigration office management software by The DigiSparrow?

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Here is the demo version for you, to use the DS Immigration office CRM software. A premium range of softwares that support your business in a graceful way.

QR Code with Your Branding

Step 1: Student Enters in Office

  • At entrance/reception, we need to decorate the below given QR code stickers/standees on reception counter, sofa table etc (where it will be easy to scan by mobile).
  • Ask student to scan the bar code with their mobile phone, they will reach on the form to be filled with basic + detailed information. On completion, the whole details will be on reception’s desk. (Live, No time delays here)
  • You can share the QR code/Link to your customer online via WhatsApp/social media to be filled the form with details.
  • You can upload leads excel sheets also via direct upload feature.
  • Share links via +CREATE NEW LEAD
  • Status: Raw leads for social media leads unprocessed leads, Walk-Ins meads office visits

Step 2: Calling Team Duties

– Check raw leads, Follow-ups, and scheduled calls and set the status accordingly.
– On-office visits – leads will be shared with counselors.
– Others will be with the calling team.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure and persistence”

Colin Powell

We all know everyone has many stuff on the table.

Step 3: Counselor’s Team Duties

– Check office visits and in-process leads and set the status accordingly. 

– On follow-ups – leads will be shared with the calling team again.

– Others will be with the calling team.

Step 4: Teams & Agents

– Add team members and agents with their different duties.

Step 5: Accounts

– Account Book, add manual entries, unpaid commissions, and payment reminders.

– On a successful sale, agent commissions will be popped in unpaid commissions. On pay, it will move to the account book.

– Add manual entries; you can add payments and reminders.


–       Admin: All Permissions

–       Calling Team: Calling Menu + Dashboard

–       Counselors: Files Menu + Dashboard

–       Reception: Leads Menu + Dashboard


If you need any help to interact with the CRM, Mobile, and/or connected website, you can contact our team via the link below.


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